Holland Dental


A conversion of an existing ranch-style home with interior offices into a new dental practice for Dr. Joe Holland.

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Zionsville, IN

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2,751 sq. ft.

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Summary of Client
In his quest for the perfect setting for his new solo dental practice, Dr. Joe Holland identified a ranch-style building located in the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville. This building, chosen for its prime location and potential for transformation, set the stage for an innovative dental clinic designed to serve the local community. Holland Dental would provide general dentistry services as well as implants and cosmetic services as well.

Project Goals
The vision for Holland Dental centered on crafting a practice that could seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Dr. Holland aspired to create a welcoming environment characterized by a clean, modern look, and a neutral color palette that would put patients at ease. A key objective was to achieve an efficient layout with bright lighting that facilitated smooth patient flow, all while adhering to a mindful remodeling budget.

Our Solutions
Progress Studio’s approach was to embrace the ranch-style home’s unique architectural elements, turning perceived limitations into design features. We introduced arched openings leading into each treatment room, adding architectural interest and concealing structural elements. The design prioritizes minimalism, focusing on clean lines, subtle textures, and a neutral color scheme to enhance the sense of calm and professionalism within the practice.

Our comprehensive design solution not only reflected Dr. Cummings’ personality and professional ethos but also created a functional, efficient space that enhances patient experience. Cummings Dental stands as a testament to how thoughtful design can bridge the gap between history and modern healthcare, establishing a new benchmark for wellness spaces in urban settings.

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